Bachelor Monday-Ben’s Hair

We all know that the bachelor has some….um…interesting hair. So my friend Madison found some pictures on US weekly of famous guys with Ben’s hair.

So now that you are either A. laughing hysterically or B. completely freaked out….here are the interesting/funny things we said tonight.

-Don’t worry guys…we are all tagged on facebook as watching the bachelor.

-hahaha a shark!? More like a pirana.

-Why is she crying right now?

-You don’t love him. It’s been one date.

-Watch out for those swimsuit bottoms.

-You read the dang card Courtney….

-Here’s the thing…if I was on that show I would want a cute guy.

-He’s so Francene.

-What if there were sharks?

-And then sharks attacked them and it’s the end of the show.


-Them trying to kiss and float is just awkward.

-Oh where did that boat come from?

-*talking about The Vow* I want to see his BUM!

-Hmm…Cocoa Beach? I do love chocolate…

-Her butt is huge!

-No…it’s for someone else…move along.

-Go down to the other bed on the dock.

-Is she going to say it?

-Just say I love you and they will keep you on the show.

-He didn’t think of these dates!!!

-He’s still going through puberty.

-Girl cover your bra up!

-Did he get a bowl cut?

-And of course they are drinking…at like 9 in the morning.

-They probably just handed her the lobster.

-Lindzi why are you talking to Courtney?!

-She almost has a unibrow…

-Stop hugging him!

-Courtney knows a little too much about Ben…what is she talking about?!

-The timing on this show always amazes me.

-Courtney needs to stop saying snap.

-I learned about those in Spanish class!

-Please just sacrifice her!

-There isn’t a spark now? You should probably just go home.

-She definitely has the weird part covered.

-And there goes the helicopter.

-Stank face from Ben.

-Is that a white joke?

-In case you forgot…she’s a model.

-Nicki looks like she is wearing a floatie under her dress.

-Tramp stamp!

-Her swimsuit looks like a tacky bra.

-Have you noticed none of the girls are sunburned?

-He knows how to kiss thanks to Jamie.

-Those palm trees are not good at keeping secrets…

-Way to be confident Kacie B!

-Oh…stalker alert.

-What?! That doesn’t even make sense!

-She’s high.

-He really needs to just send Courtney home.

-Courtney has had WAY too much to drink.


-Please rip your hair out.

-Kill shot.

-What’s with the prancing?

-You’re an idiot Ben.

-she talks like a little kid.


-At least she is wearing a cute dress….

-What a witch!

-Good for Emily!

-You don’t want a guy who chooses Courtney over you anyway.

So there you have it! Sorry for the bad grammar and possibly misspelled names, but I’m sure you can forgive me. Right? Ok good! Stay tuned for my post on my surprise trip to Oklahoma!




For the Love of Bachelor Ben and Doughnuts

What do college girls do on Monday nights? Well…we watch t.v. with all of our girlfriends. Why? Because Monday nights are FILLED with good t.v. shows. Actually, a lot of it is “trash t.v.,” but somehow we are still addicted to it…? Last night I decided to write down some of the most memorable things my group of friends said during The Bachelor. This is going to get lengthy, but it should give you a good laugh. But who are we kidding? I crack myself up on a daily basis. Anyways….here we go:

-Blakely is a hooker!

-Why is this so intense?

-You’ve been with him all day…calm down.

-What is this commercial!?

-People are so emotional-I can’t handle it.

-*group all at once* aw I love Lindz.

-I wonder what Ben thinks when he watches these.

-They have to fuzz her out already!?

-Ew…that MOUTH!

-I will hate you for forever.

-If I was on this show, Courtney would be missing.

-Courtney needs to shut up.

-Her face is a total Myspace picture.

-Is that Courtney on the small boat?

-His hair is just too long.

*intermission while I went and bought some doughnuts…yumm*

-Where’s the flood Ben?

-Her bra is awkward.

-Is she just walking into the water?

-I like this song!-don’t ruin it…

-He threw the rose in the water!-HOW ROMANTIC!

-Oh Blakely…that mouth of yours.

-Courtney definitely has turtle lips.

-She keeps “winning,” but her lips are losing.

-There are obviously no rules.

-Oh..there ARE rules. Courtney is just breaking them.

-She just needs s-e-x because it’s been awhile…

-EW! Did she just scratch her butt?

-Evil girl plus horny boy equals bad news bears.

-Who says rad? How old are you?!

-Awkward party of one.

-Oh no…not again!

-What is with that random lamp?

-Just stop bringing it up.

-Why is she being dumb?


-You are on national television. Get it together.

-And cue Blakely crying.

-What?!?! Ben picked Emily over Oklahoma!?!?!

-She should have just gotten nakie with him.

-That awkward moment when you forget the gender of the bachelor.

So there you have it folks. We LOVE commenting on the crazy awkwardness of The Bachelor. I hope you laughed just as much as I did.




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