Awkward and Awesome


-My cold. I am now the annoying girl who can’t stop sneezing and sniffling. Sorry peeps. I can’t control it.

-Getting texts from a random number telling me about their diet. I was tempted to send them my freshly baked cookies. I’m not that mean though…

-The BYU story about the guy who gave the girl a note about her dressing modestly. I’m going to be rude here: GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE! So this is what it is:

crazy huh? So to the girl: You look amazing. To the boy: I wouldn’t tell anyone it’s you.


-Going to LaCaille for Valentine’s Day with my boy. It was delicious, and I laughed almost the whole night.

-Not only did he take me to LaCaille, but he also bought me my favorite flowers. 10 bonus points for Sam! It definitely made me happy.

-Seeing my parents and my pup last weekend. Sorry for bringing it up again, but I LOVE OKLAHOMA and my family.

-Making homemade cookies. It makes your home smell heavenly. Do it.

Happy Thursday loves! Let me know if you have an awkward and awesome post. I love em!




Brother and Basketball

This is my brother and me at the BYU basketball game. Can I just brag about my relationship with my brother real quick? Ok good. We are pretty much best friends. And we are constantly laughing when we are together. People always think we are dating because we don’t look alike. It’s quite comical. We definitely get on each other’s nerves, but it never lasts too long. Our favorite things to do together are: go to basketball games, eat jdawgs, and dance in the kitchen. We also enjoy watching funny, yet random, youtube videos. Want to see some mad dance skills we learned at the basketball game? Watch this vid:

It was such a fun night, and I am so glad that I got to spend it with my brother. It’s nice to have Taylor back from Brazil.