Awkward and Awesome


-My cold. I am now the annoying girl who can’t stop sneezing and sniffling. Sorry peeps. I can’t control it.

-Getting texts from a random number telling me about their diet. I was tempted to send them my freshly baked cookies. I’m not that mean though…

-The BYU story about the guy who gave the girl a note about her dressing modestly. I’m going to be rude here: GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE! So this is what it is:

crazy huh? So to the girl: You look amazing. To the boy: I wouldn’t tell anyone it’s you.


-Going to LaCaille for Valentine’s Day with my boy. It was delicious, and I laughed almost the whole night.

-Not only did he take me to LaCaille, but he also bought me my favorite flowers. 10 bonus points for Sam! It definitely made me happy.

-Seeing my parents and my pup last weekend. Sorry for bringing it up again, but I LOVE OKLAHOMA and my family.

-Making homemade cookies. It makes your home smell heavenly. Do it.

Happy Thursday loves! Let me know if you have an awkward and awesome post. I love em!




6 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome

  1. Wow, I can’t believe that loser wrote a note like that. Hope that girl didn’t let it get to her!

    And I love the smell of homemade cookies too! It’s the best!

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