So remember that cold bum that was going to go to Arizona? Well…it went to Oklahoma instead. We were flying standby to Arizona, and the flight was full. Sam told me that we could go to Oklahoma and see my parents if I wanted to. You could only imagine the answer that I gave him. I texted my friend Robyn and asked if she could come pick us up from the airport so that we could surprise my parents. We stopped off at my mom’s work first. She screamed and laughed and screamed some more. It was fun to introduce Sam to some of the ladies that I worked with a year ago. We then drove home to take my favorite pup on a walk. Piper went straight for Sam, and then let me pick her up so she could give me kisses. While on the walk, we ran into Connie (my amazing neighbor) and decided to go say hi to her dog Herschal. Once we returned back home, my dad was home. He was laying on the lazy boy chair when I turned the corner. He started laughing and got up and gave me a big hug. I introduced him to Sam and then we left to go to Pops for dinner. We were only there for two days, but it was so nice to show Sam where I was from and just relax. Maybe I can convince him to take me back soon….



And thank you Utah for welcoming us back to rain/snow.


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