Awkward and Awesome

Why hello there folks! Sorry for the awful quality of the picture shown above, but that’s what you get when you use the front camera on an iphone. So let’s get down to business:


-A guy in my biology class asking me if I just got back from the gym. Um…excuse me? Just because I wasn’t wearing make up and was still in comfy study clothes does not mean I just got back from the gym. I should have asked if he was just getting over the flu or poison ivy or something. But I just laughed and said I had been studying.

-Everything about The Bachelor. Courtney’s turtle lips, how she is always naked, and Ben’s hair. ew.

-We did an experiment with fish in my bio lab. I had to get the fish out of the tank and put it in my cup. Of course he had to jump out of the cup and into the sink. Did I scream? ….yes.

-All of my friends getting engaged on Facebook. And the babies….so many pregos. I blame Pinterest.


-Getting to see my future hubs (I WISH!). Number 13. Rob. Talk about dreamy.

-Guess who’s lucky cold bum is going to Arizona?! Oh heeyyyyyy

-Rocking my Spanish oral interview. Talk about nerve wrecking. But it was muy bien!

-Winning a customary stamp kit (blog giveaway) from College Prep. Even more awesome? I’m letting my mom have it! She’s pretty excited.

-Being featured on blogs. It’s weird, but I kinda like it!

Have a good day loves!





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