Monday Madness

Hello there lovelies! Sorry it’s been a couple of days. My life has been a little bit crazy. A big thank you to my friends for keeping me somewhat sane over the weekend. Today was a good way to start the week. Why? Oh because Yogurtland tweeted that they were serving FREE YOGURT from 4-7 while supplies last. Um hello….FREE YOGURT?! Of course I was totally there! The line was out the door, and there were tons of screaming kids (definitely not a fan of them). So if you don’t have a twitter: You my dear friend are MISSING OUT! So many businesses post specials through tweeting that you don’t want to miss out on. So here are the ever so wanted pictures:

And we had a total photo bomber…except she was nice and smiled (the before picture).




2 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. Yogurt…nom nom nom!!! Not a fan of screaming kids either. It’s like, “hey kid, you’re getting free yogurt, what’s there to cry about?!?”

    Just found your blog through Mr Taylor & his Lady. I’m looking forward to reading through more of your posts!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

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