The Truth


So I love sitting in the back of classrooms. Not because I want to talk or hide from the teacher, but because I like to see what other people are doing during class (I’m a creeper…I know). Let me tell ya folks…INTERESTING things happen during class. I have seen it all. For example: checking email, reading tweets, Pinterest and stalking people’s Facebook pages. The weirdest thing I have seen is some guy, who looked like he was in his late 20’s, watching his football highlights from HIGH SCHOOL on YouTube. Umm…sorry, but that was like 10 years ago. Can you please just move on? Another one, that comes in second, is the girl that stalks (i’m guessing) her crush, or ex’s, Facebook page EVERY class period. The kissing pictures are getting quite annoying, and I’m pretty sure the stalker girl is furious. So why does she do it? I really just don’t know. My favorite thing to watch people girls do is get on Pinterest. And for all of you readers who have a Pinterest should know why I love it. It’s that magical moment that they find the CUTEST outfit or a fun tutorial, and they click on it. It takes them to a blog page. And then all of a sudden it’s been thirty minutes, and they look up from their computer to screen to realize that the teacher has stopped lecturing, and everyone is packing up. OR when someone finds an account with the same interests as themselves and they pin EVERYTHING. I have always wanted to tap them on the shoulder and congratulate them because I know the feeling. It has happened to me twice. So a warning to everyone in my classes: I watch what you do on your computer.



Image via Pinterest


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