Today marks the nineteenth birthday of one of my best friends, Carly. I met Carly in the 6th grade. She is a sailor. (And I don’t mean one of those pretend nautical girls that just wear anchors and rope on everything they own. I’m sure you know the kind I’m talking about.) Her family takes sailing trips where they live on their boat for months at a time. Pretty cool stuff huh? I’m sorry boys…she is off of the dating market at the time being. Sadly, she lives back in my home land [okielahoma], so I only get to see her on those somewhat rare occasions that I fly home. The upside to this lil predicament is that we both have skype, facebook, twitter, instagram, and texting. I talk to Carly almost everyday. Whether it’s raving about a cute boy, or embarrassing things that have happened, we never really skip a moment in each other’s lives. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful best friend. I can’t wait to see her again!




2 thoughts on “nine[teen]

  1. aw, such a cute post. and i just adore sailing, but i’m no pro. how much fun to live on a boat for a few months!! a very happy birthday to her!
    xo TJ

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