Sunday Shout Out

Here is a little Sunday shout out to one of my best friends Michelle (a.k.a. Meesh/Meeshy).

She’s a cute California girl that I met this summer. We have pretty much become inseparable over the past few months. Meesh just recently got an iphone4s and I feel like I am getting replaced (just kidding), although I do love texting her with emojis. What’s an emoji you ask? They’re those cute little icons that you can put in your texts, but only people using an iphone can see them. Example:

Michelle has definitely been there for me through thick and thin. We aren’t roommates, but maybe in the near future we will be sharing a quaint lil apartment that is filled with a lot of pink (her favorite color) and a lot of laughing.




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3 thoughts on “Sunday Shout Out

  1. oh buddy this makes me wish it was summer for those good ole days laying out in the yard with that sun on my body. yes, puh-leese.


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