This my dear blogger friends is my dog Piper. I got her for Christmas during my freshman year of high school, but I couldn’t bring her home until Valentine’s Day. I miss coming home to her running down the hallway to greet me. She is the best snuggler and form of entertainment. I have never seen a dog with such personality. I wish she was human so I could text her, post youtube videos on her facebook wall, tweet her, and facetime her. One of the hardest parts of being away from her is not being able to talk to her. I’m one of those girls that if something was really wrong, I would sit on my bed and talk to my dog. Just like Carrie Underwood said: The more guys I meet the more I love my dog. And yes if you are wondering, I AM a crazy dog person.




One thought on “Piper

  1. um, i’m pretty sure i adore this post a LOT! i’m definitely a crazy dog lady. i got my dog for christmas back in the sixth grade and miss him every day that i’m away in UT while the mister finishes up school.
    dogs are just the best!
    xo TJ

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