Snow Problems


If you know me well enough, you know that I am not a huge fan of the snow. Yes, it is very pretty and fun to play in every once in awhile, but I would rather be sippin pina coladas on a white sandy beach. So why did I move to Utah you ask? I really just don’t know anymore. Last year I was the kid in class that screamed out: “IT’S SNOWING” while everyone was taking a quiz(this in turn led to an angry look from my professor). After that, I wanted to say goodbye to snow. As you all know, I went up to the Sundance Film Festival this weekend to watch the documentary on Ethel Kennedy. It was fantastic, and I highly recommend it. (it should be on HBO soon) The drive? ehhh…not so much. Blizzard status my friends. I parked the car and we mushed our way to the screening room. When we got out of the movie, we mushed our way back to my car. The snow hadn’t let up. Once in the car, we tried reversing, putting it in drive, pushing it out of the snow, but nothing was working. Finally, the guy that I had been sitting by during the movie came to the rescue! He shoveled my poor car out of the snow, and we drove away. Driving down the canyon isn’t as much fun when there is snow. I couldn’t see, and I was completely freaking out by this point (that is an understatement). May I remind you that this was my first time driving in the snow. Luckily we made it home safe. I vowed never to drive in the snow again.

Today was a different story. I drove to school because the roads seemed decently cleared, and I parked my car in the north institute parking lot. When I got out of class, my car had slid up against the concrete wall in front of it. I put my car in reverse and tried backing out, but no luck. What does a single girl like myself do? Find the cutest boys near by to help. The only problem was my face was lacking makeup and my hair was taking in all of the oil and grease it could (okay i’m exaggerating…but only a little). These hunky men pushed my car out of the ice and pretty much became my heroes. I wish I would have invited them over for lunch, but I was too embarrassed.

So all of you snow drivin peeps out there…props to you. It is definitely not a talent of mine.




2 thoughts on “Snow Problems

  1. ahh driving in the snow is THE worst. when we drove home from sundance/midway friday night [well technically early saturday morning] it was suuuper sketch. verge of tears status. if i could live in a snow covered world where the streets were kept clean & driving was made easy i would be all for snow. until then i’m going to wish for sunny skies.

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