Awkward and Awesome


Okay okay I know that awkward and awesome posts are for Thursdays, but I didn’t get around to posting yesterday. It’s just a day late so you can forgive me right?


-Miss Wisconsin winning Miss America. Say it with me: waterproof mascara. 

-Ericka off of the bachelor. “Her thighs are bigger than mine so that made me feel better about myself.” I am so glad that Ben didn’t give her “the final rose.”

-Is it just me or does it bug others that Chris always has to come out and say “ladies…Ben…this is the final rose.” Obviously it’s the final rose…there is only one left.

-Sitting in front of a guy with OMS (open mouth syndrome) and focusing on his annoying breathing rather than my Spanish Professor.

Happy Valley fashion….please just don’t get me started. 



-My Spanish book came in the mail today. You might not think this is awesome, but let me tell ya peeps….best thing to happen since sliced bread! Okay I took that one a lil too far, but I did jump for joy when I saw it on the kitchen table.

-AJ Rafael followed me on twitter. AND he followed my friend Marissa. We were super giddy and I probably looked super weird laughing at my phone for ten minutes to see that he followed me. Watch him here. You’ll fall in love. I promise!

-Watching The Bachelor with some of my favorite people. Nothing is better than watching reality tv shows with girlfriends…and Travis.

-My cousin Colby went back on his mission. I am beyond happy for him! (he’s the one in my picture up there) And if you want to write him let me know! I would be SUPER excited to give you his address.

-I got tickets to SUNDANCE! I get to go to 2 movies this year. And hopefully I’ll get to meet some famous people.

-Happy hour Sonic drinks. A poor college students dream come true.







4 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome

  1. um, so seriously, so many of those girls on the bachelor are SO catty, and i want them to go home immediately. shawntel definitely should have stayed! and i am not a fan of courtney, ha.
    oh, and i’m working the sundance, so have fun!!! 🙂

  2. happy valley fashion. i think i might like an entire post dedicated to that one. i’m jealous you got to see some films. i’ve been to sundance plenty of times and never have i had the opportunity to view a film. it’s a must change for next year. did you run into any famous people?!

    • oh don’t worry…it’s coming 🙂 I watched the devils double last year and got to meet the cast. that was really interesting. Other than that I have not, but i’m hoping my luck will change tonight!

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