A Fresh Start

Ok so I decided to switch to wordpress from blogger because….well blogger is messy. I need a crisp fresh start! Especially since I will be having my blog showcased to my whole communications class (hello guys!) So now the real adventure begins. I’m going to be blogging on the media. Trust me folks…it is EVERYWHERE! And by everywhere I mean everywhere. Hello you are reading this probably because I posted the link on my facebook, twitter, and instagram. Or it’s from someone else’s blog, but I doubt it. (i’m not that famous…yet) Here is where i’m going to blah blah blog about dating, college adventures, fashion, cooking, and just random thoughts. About 95% is going to involve the media. And that is where I get the name the collegebook. This is my collegebook that i’m sharing with the world! Well mostly Happy Valley, but you get the point. Get ready for some awesome and possibly super awkward posts. Just consider this a lil heads up.


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