People Watching

I just love this picture….future hubby we WILL have pictures like this

It is one of those traveling days. I’m sitting in the Denver airport in my usual little hideaway corner that I always sit in during my connecting flights. It is cold, like always, and the people are strange….like always. Perfect time for people watching! One of my favorite past time activities. I am bored out of my mind though because my plane got delayed an hour. Luckily I brought all of my chargers in my big purse so I can sit here at the charging bar and type away. I’ll sort out some of my sightings/encounters for the day:
-A 45 year old man telling me how impressed he was with how I ate this huge breakfast burrito….he then proceeded to wink at me.
-A man with a Hawaiian shirt, flip flops, and cargo shorts on walking with a woman in a big wool coat, cute boots, and leggings on. hmmmm?
-A woman openly breast feeding her baby. totally awkward and embarrassing.

I feel like I find the most interesting people in the airport. It is just the greatest.
Well my loves, we are getting ready to get on the plane. I’ll be in OklaHOMEa in few short hours. I’m ready to see my poohfriend and parentals…as well as all of my lovelies!


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