Dance Parties

Hello friends! I’m just sitting here in the art museum for my internship project and I’m bored outta my mind so why not post a lil somethin somethin? We’ll go for an awkward and awesome list since it IS Thursday.

-Taking pictures of my car so my dad can get it registered in Oklahoma. But not just any pictures. I had to take pictures using something that I can prove is mine so the people know its my car. So i chose to use my pooh bear stuffed animal. People were staring.
-Sitting in English after my drawing class. My professor stops the class and told me I had something black all over my nose. Everyone turned to look at me. My excuse? I ran out of paper in my drawing class so I had to use my face.
-Out of the 10 benches in the museum, these two creepy guys came and sat on my bench. I hope they are reading this.
-My roommate telling me about her birth control. Thanks, but no thanks.

-Last day of classes were today!!!! Summer is almost here!
-Pizza eating contests
-Feeding the ducks
-Night games in the park
-Talking in Spanish to the guy behind the salsa counter at the Mexican Super Market
-Playing Mafia in my Modern Legacies class and getting bonus points on my final for winning
-Rainy days were you wear your pajamas and watch movies
-In-N-Out Wednesdays
-Packing. And yes I absolutely HATE moving, but trust me….i am so so so so so excited to move
-Emails from my brother. He gets home in August!!!!
-Pizza parties where you talk about awkward times with boys
-Dancing around in your underwear while cleaning your room. pretty much the greatest.
-A gentleman’s proposal and a lady’s agreement 🙂



One thought on “Dance Parties

  1. LOVE your little pup!! How adorable 🙂 You cracked me up about the men on the benches. Reading it actually reminded me of Casablanca "Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.":) Beautiful blog! So lovely!!xoxoKatie

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