My apologies

It has been quite the week…ooor two. So I’ll just have to start with the whole awkward and awesome posting that every one seems to do. I enjoy them. So let’s give it a whirl!


-People making out in the airport. Um scuze me….get a room. kayy thanks 🙂
-Old men in short spandex shorts. nuff said.
-Boys that shave their legs. I just don’t understand. I really don’t think it makes you “faster.”
-People that post a status on facebook every five minutes.


-Surprising my mom in Denver
-Test driving BMW cars with Whitney
-Late night runs to In-N-Out
-Scary movies in the Canyon
-Outlet malls. It’s probably a good thing that the closest one to me is an hour away.
-Snow tubing with some of the funniest people I know.
-Blasting Ridin’ Solo on Valentine’s Day
-Classes that get canceled. It just makes your week so much better.
-Skipping class to eat at IHOP
-Getting a knock on the door to find a boy, ice cream, and chocolate chip cookie dough on the other side.
-Getting roses from random boys from Institute on Valentine’s Day.
-Cute couples getting engaged. Congratulations Alexa and Brian! OH! And vote for their story here
-Four day weekends. FOUR DAYS OF FREEDOM PEOPLE! can I get a hallelujah?
-My mommy coming to visit me 🙂 She gets here in 7 hours. I cannot wait!

And that is all for today. My lil mind is just exhausted from all of the catching up to do on my homework and studying for tests. Good thing I have four days to relax! Enjoy your weekend peeps!



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