blah blah blah

I’m just totally feeling in the blah mood. Like the kind of mood where you just wear your pajamas, watch good movies, sip on some hot chocolate, maybe doodle a bit, eat some caramel popcorn, read magazines…you know that kind of mood? well i’m totally feelin it. My pajamas are on, but sadly I have to do my homework that I completely procrastinated the WHOLE weekend. Okay not the whole weekend. I did most of it yesterday. Just not all of my drawing homework. So for good news: I got a lovely care package from my beautiful mother! She is so good to send me one monthly. AND this time…I got festive underwear. Which is what I love!

It’s just the greatest 🙂
I also love boys dancing to Toxic by Britney Spears.
That is what my Friday night consisted of.
I would upload the video…but you can just watch it on my facebook. Well friends I’m off to bed.

Toodles for now!


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