Day 4

Sorry for not posting yesterday.
It was quite busy.
But this is what I love.
Especially Gerber Daisies.
And yes I got them sent to me.
By a boy 🙂
They are absolutely beautiful.
And they smell wonderful.
So these past few days have consisted of pretty much silliness. I had school yesterday until 11, but then I stayed after for a study session and to take a test. Once I got home though, I took a nap. I got woken up by the lovely lady in the office to tell me I had flowers to come pick up. After that I went to girl’s night at Tasha’s house and played games and ate some yummy delicious food. AND THEN! I went to Chantel’s house and watched Star Dust. It is so funny! Then this morning I went to a mexican restaurant with my friends from Spanish class. IT WAS SO YUMMY! Then I came home and got ready for my photoshoot with Mckinzie and Sara. Kimber was our photographer. You can visit her blog here. We pretty much froze our bums off so sorry if we look cold in the pictures. I’m so excited to see them and I will post them once I get them! Now I’m just waiting for Eric to get in to Provo so we can all hang out and have some fun. Anywhooo…enjoy your weekend!

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