Day 2

Today was just marvelous.
And so was last night.
I’ll start with last night.
I went to institute with my best friends.
Remember them?
They’re the greatest.
And we had cookies after.
Then I went and got an In-N-Out Burger
yumm delish!
When I got back I went and watched
I Am Legend.
Disturbing…but good movie.
Will Smith is the BOMB…
dot com 😉
Then today my classes were excellent.
I made some plans with my espanol amigos.
We’re going out for
AUTHENTIC mexican food.
and “studying”
you know the type where you say you are going to study but instead you just talk the whole time? yeah that’s my favorite kind….until the test comes.
The disappointment though was that all of my Oklahoma friends are off of school because of snow. It makes me want to be at home sippin hot cocoa with my mom and poohfriend and watching a chick flick after driving around on the 4-wheelers.
lovely right?
well…i’m in Utah where it’s just freezing cold.
No snow.
Just coldness.
ALL up in here.

And for today…this is what I love:Tennis of course!

oodles of toodles


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