The First Day of LOVE

I am up kind of late tonight.
My day was frazzle snazzle all over the place.
Let me tell ya.
I had classes from 10-5 today.
Then I met up with some church friends for a little FHE
(for those of you out of the loop…FHE stands for Family Home Evening.)
love it.
Then I HAD to watch The Bachelor.
I’m kind of a reality t.v. show junky.
Then of course we had to watch Pretty Little Liars afterwords
My friends and I then proceeded to watch What Happens in Vegas and we ordered
TWO boxes of pizza.
College life…you just gotta love it.
Homework? yeah who needs it.
Okay I needed to do it
but looks like I chose a long night instead.

OKAY! So this month is February.
The month of love.
So I’m going to post a picture everyday of what I love.
This is a picture of my family…in snowman form 🙂
I love them so much.
And I miss them terribly.

And that is all!


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