This picture my friends is what I would like to call genius.
I just love it for some reason.
And that is all about this picture 🙂

And this picture describes what is on my mind.
Yep…summer time.
Oh my goodness I could ramble on and on about the good ol days of summer.
I cannot wait!
If I wanted to embarrass myself I would post a picture of how excited I am.
But I am not going to.
Seriously though, I am super duper excited to wear my swimmy suit
well…not on Sunday of course.
People at church might be skeptical.
And this just came to mind:
flip flops! I love flip flops!
And popsicles.
And sundresses.
And you know what? Just being able to go outside without freezing your buns off would be nice.
AND wearing sunglasses.
I know I know…you can wear sunglasses in winter
but it just seems better to wear them in the summer.
I hope it comes soon!

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