Cookie Dough Madness!

Lately I have been craving cookie dough!
I know…bad right?
BUT! I am definitely working out.
So I guess it will just take a little longer to get my 6 pack all nice and toned.
Oh well…cookie dough is delicious.
And not store bought cookie dough.
HOMEMADE cookie dough!
Yes…I bake.
And I bake a lot.

So last night we played basketball as a church group.
And of course we won!
I didn’t play though.
I’m a little bit of a wimp.
But I did cheer for all of my baller friends.
and now we’re 3-0

Speaking of basketball…
Jimmer Fredette.
He is the man.
I now wish I went to BYU.
Don’t worry though Oklahoma friends…
I am still in love with Cade Davis 🙂

Tata for now!!!


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