Sundancing in the Moonlight

Why hello there again πŸ™‚
We are just sitting here in Park City.
We meaning McKinzie Hanks, Sara Kerby, and myself of course πŸ™‚
The fun has been filled with extraness.
Last night started with Cafe Rio
And then the list goes like this:
-Renting Easy A
-Putting on chocolate face masks
-Taking ridiculous pictures
-Cuddling up and watching Easy A
-Eating junk food
-Girl Talk
-Laughing at the silliest thing
-Girl talk
-Moving upstairs and cuddling in bed
-Falling asleep at 4 in the morning
We then proceeded to wake up at 11 and get ready for the day.
Being the girls that we are, we went to the outlet malls and had a wonderful time trying on huge diamond rings. And yes I found my future wedding ring πŸ˜‰
Ever since we got home we’ve been eating and chilling out on the comfy leather couches next to the fireplace while the snow has been gracefully falling outside.
We even had a cuddle fest on the loveseat.
I love my best friends πŸ™‚
Now we are on our way to Sundance.
Pictures will be posted tomorrow when I have my own laptop with me.
Thanks for stopping by!


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