Day Dreaming in Pajamas and Blankets

Oh Miss Audrey:
i love you

Sometimes when I am by myself…I like to think what life will be like in about 10 or 20 years from now. My life will be simple. Married with a couple of children running around. I would love to live in an old farm house with a wrap around porch out in the country. I would have two dogs. A small dog to sit on my lap while I read the latest book from Oprah Winfrey’s list or as I do my daily scripture study in my classy glasses with my journal by my side and a big dog to be my loyal companion and keep me safe when my future hubby is away at work. I would dance around in my underwear and my hubby’s dress shirt with my hair up in a mess while I make breakfast and pack his lunch. Future career? oh maybe a journalist. maybe just a blogger. I would love to own a quaint little cupcake store with salmon colored walls and classy antique furniture that welcomes everyone in. Michael Buble would be serenading every customer and me of course. I want to be a loving mother and wife. A loving daughter, sister, and best friend. I need to be more open to new ideas. That’s what I’ll work on. Yes that is it. I’ll be open to new ideas. I’ll explore the unknown. I’ll travel the world. Me and future hubby. Sounds pleasant doesn’t it? Wintery pajamas, my fan on level one, engulfed by my uncomfortably hard bed although I have six blankets on it, and Josh Turner’s buttery voice in the background has made it a pleasant evening blogging and journaling.

To Do List:
-Pack for Park City
-Create a fabulous outfit for tomorrow
-Doodle in my sketchbook
-Be creative
-Finish reading my novel of the month
(yes it does take me that long)
-Scripture study

Oodles of Toodles


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