Oh the rainy summer days!

It sprinkled just a tiddle bit today. It was quite refreshing with all of this 100 degree weather! So what is up with my life? hmmm….well I’ve been missing my brother lately. Maybe it sucks because I don’t have time to type up my whole life and tell him all of the crazy funny stories that has happened to me lately between walgreens, the daycare, and my boyfrand! Walgreens is crazy let me tell you! Coupon crazy people and creepy men that want to talk to me the whole time. I’m like DUDE I have to work! Sorry your wife left you and all you have left is your dog and your beer….but I have a life and you need to leave. It’s quite annoying. I love the daycare. The kids are absolutely hilarious and cute! There is a boy there named Henry who always wants to help me. I love him!!!! I want to name my son Henry Dawson. Cute right? Or Hank Dawson. Well…I got more scholarships! I will live in Ventana and have 2/3 of that paid for and then I get $2000 a semester for tuition! yay! Then I have a $1000 scholarship that I will use for books! I’m so excited! My room colors will be teal, lime green, and brown. So cute right? I don’t share a room so that’s good. Well….I think I’m done writing for the day! Loves!


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